Wear The Right Equipment For Ice Sculpting

January 13th, 2015
Wear The Right Equipment For Ice Sculpting

Ice sculpting is one of the most beautiful art forms known, however it can also be very dangerous if you are not wearing the correct protective equipment. Ice Crafters has an extensive selection of ice sculpting equipment that promotes both safety and protection. From accessories to supplies, it all really begins with selecting the right apparel.


First and foremost, steel tow boots are a must for anyone that wants to get into ice sculpting. It is likely that you will be working with large chunks of rigid ice. Can you imagine what would happen if one fell on your foot? A trip to the emergency room would be in short order, there’s no doubt about that. Ice Crafters offers a great selection of steel toe boots in various sizes that will keep your little piggies safe and sound.


Next, select an apron to wear while ice sculpting. Typically, a rubber apron is best and when combined with a rubber pair of chaps, your entire body can be protected from the neck down.


Handling Ice Safely

Would you even think of handling ice without gloves on for protection? We hope not! Rubber gloves are well-suited, and insulated gloves would be a great addition as well. Keeping your hands and digits warm will help make sure that numb fingers don’t make mistakes while sculpting.Wear The Right Equipment For Ice Sculpting


Aside from the best apparel for ice sculpting, Ice Crafters also supplies a fantastic line of equipment. Lathes, lifts, and plastic liners are great places to start for beginners, and ice sculpting tools will undoubtedly be needed for people working at any level.


Consider venturing to the sales section to see what Ice Crafters can also do to save you money! Please don’t hesitate to contact us in case you have any questions.


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