Valentine’s Day Ice Sculptures

January 28th, 2015
Valentine’s Day Ice Sculptures

Romance is in the air, and so is the winter chill! Combine the two with exquisite ice sculptures suitable for Valentine’s Day. These fabulous works of melting art are a welcomed addition to any event and will glorify this special time of year. How do you go get from start to finish, though?


Often people want to know what tools are used to make such wondrous displays of affections. Many are surprised to learn that a Valentine’s Day ice sculpture doesn’t begin with carving tools. In fact, you need to actually make the block of ice first and foremost! Our line of work stations and ice block makers provide the correct size blocks to start with.


While a chainsaw can get you moving in the right direction, finesse is better left to our ice sculpting tools. Hand tools are best when working with intricate designs. Delicate and tender care is put into the piece using these crafting tools.


What types of Valentine’s Day ice sculptures best represent this time of year? The classic heart design is always requested, but there are so many creative ways to incorporate such a well-known symbol of love. Blending the heart shape into any number of other designs can create the right atmosphere for the season.


Here are some other excellent concepts for sculptures that would fit in with a Valentine’s Day event:Valentine’s Day Ice Sculptures


  • Cherubs are virtually the personification of a certain love-struck angel that has a bad habit of shooting arrows.
  • Doves are not only a universal symbol of peace, but they can inhibit the spirit of romance as well.
  • Swans are so graceful that even a still image of a pair can illicit warm feelings of love.
  • A key…but a key to what? To someone’s heart, perhaps?
  • A rose by any other name would still be a romantic and classic ice sculpture!


Ice Crafters is devoted to offering the best and widest selection of ice sculpting accessories and equipment in the world; electric tools, chisels, carving block machines, display equipment and more. Please take some time to review our site and for more information feel free to contact us today!


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