Tips To Finding The Right Drip Pan For Your Ice Creations

July 7th, 2015
Tips To Finding The Right Drip Pan For Your Ice Creations

When you’re crafting your icy masterpiece, it’s important to have the right materials, including tools to sculpt with, as well as the very important drip pan. There are a couple of things to keep in mind when you’re choosing the right drip pan for your project; luckily, the experts at Ice Crafters have some tips for you.


The first thing to think about is drainage: you might be surprised, but not all drip pans come with drainage already built in. Luckily, the drip pans that are available on our site do have the option of built in drainage. If you are expecting some serious dripping while your project is on display, you’ll need a built in drainage mechanism. This way, the unwanted melted water can be contained underneath the table where guests at the event won’t have to look at it.


There are also products available that are essentially buckets with tops that the sculpture can sit on top of. The holes in the top of these drip pans allow for the water to collect underneath the sculpture. This option would be great for a piece that might need a little extra height while it’s on display. These are known as centerpiece or bowl drip pans.


The final thing you should consider when you’re choosing a drip pan for your project is its size. You want the drip pan to be discrete so that it doesn’t distract the viewers from the final project. So, make sure you order the correct size drip pan for your specific project, and consider where the drainage pipe will go.


Keep these tips in mind when you’re finding the right drip pan for your project, and the finished piece will be admired and free from puddles when it’s showcased. For more information on our drip pans, or any of the products we offer, contact us today!

Written by Ice Crafters

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