Four Ways to Keep Your Hot Summer Party Ice Cold

With summer in full swing, it can only mean one thing – it is going to be hot! But that shouldn’t stop you from throwing a fun summer party. There are a lot of ways to stay cool during your shindig. Here are a few suggestions.


Have Some Punch!


One surefire way to stay cool during those hot summer parties is to indulge in some refreshing party punch. There are tons of great punch selections that your guests will love. For fruity options, there is everything from a sweet summer pineapple punch to Hawaiian themed punches and even a rainbow sherbet punch. Make it in an ice bowl and really kick it up a notch.

If you are looking for more adult-themed options, the sky’s the limit with such delicious drinks as winter white sangria, champagne peach punch and piña colada punch. Whatever type of punch you decide on, make sure you get the proper tools to ensure you have a long-lasting ice bowl to keep your beverages chilled all day long.


Cool Down with an Ice Luge


If you want to cool down that punch or another favorite summer drink, enjoy it with an ice luge and turn that party on its head! An ice luge is an excellent way to create a themed drink delivery system that will be the hit of the party. It’s easy to construct, too. Simply get all the proper tools, think of a great design, and make it a summer to remember!


Ice SculptureCreate an Ice Sculpture


We love ice sculptures, and we know how they can really add something cool to the hottest summer parties! The great thing about making these sculptures is that if you have the right ice carving tools, the rest of the creation is up to your imagination. Plus, it doesn’t have to be a one-person job! Get the rest of your guests involved and have them help make the sculpture that’s entirely customized by everyone in attendance. Plus, with all those ice chunks flying around, it’s easy to keep cool!


Get a Fun Beverage Fountain


If an ice sculpture or ice bowl isn’t your thing, consider a classy beverage fountain. These fountains are another fun way of giving your cold drinks some awesome flair! Some of these fountains even come with pumps and color changing lights to add neat and unique color effects to liven up the party even more. It’s a great accessory for any summer party.

At Ice Crafters, we carry all of the supplies you need to keep the temperature down on the hottest summer days. We sell items for punch bowls, tools for ice sculptures and plenty of educational tools to walk you through everything involved. Give us a call at 630-871-0739 to learn more or place an order from our online product catalog today!

Wear The Right Equipment For Ice Sculpting

Wear The Right Equipment For Ice Sculpting

Ice sculpting is one of the most beautiful art forms known, however it can also be very dangerous if you are not wearing the correct protective equipment. Ice Crafters has an extensive selection of ice sculpting equipment that promotes both safety and protection. From accessories to supplies, it all really begins with selecting the right apparel.


First and foremost, steel tow boots are a must for anyone that wants to get into ice sculpting. It is likely that you will be working with large chunks of rigid ice. Can you imagine what would happen if one fell on your foot? A trip to the emergency room would be in short order, there’s no doubt about that. Ice Crafters offers a great selection of steel toe boots in various sizes that will keep your little piggies safe and sound.


Next, select an apron to wear while ice sculpting. Typically, a rubber apron is best and when combined with a rubber pair of chaps, your entire body can be protected from the neck down.


Handling Ice Safely

Would you even think of handling ice without gloves on for protection? We hope not! Rubber gloves are well-suited, and insulated gloves would be a great addition as well. Keeping your hands and digits warm will help make sure that numb fingers don’t make mistakes while sculpting.Wear The Right Equipment For Ice Sculpting


Aside from the best apparel for ice sculpting, Ice Crafters also supplies a fantastic line of equipment. Lathes, lifts, and plastic liners are great places to start for beginners, and ice sculpting tools will undoubtedly be needed for people working at any level.


Consider venturing to the sales section to see what Ice Crafters can also do to save you money! Please don’t hesitate to contact us in case you have any questions.


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The Perks of Becoming An Ice Sculptor

The Perks of Becoming An Ice Sculptor

Choosing a career path that keeps you on your toes, always seizes the day, and makes the work day enjoyable can be difficult, unless you are an ice sculptor.


A work day for an ice sculptor is anything but typical. There is always a new task before you that’s so different from the last and there is always a chance to challenge yourself with tackling a new technique. Not to mention, you are providing a truly one of a kind talent to your clients, who will be grateful for the many, many hours and hard labor you put into creating a masterpiece. Ice sculpting is a work of art.


Some people might not realize that ice sculpting is a dangerous job. Ice sculptors are working with extremely sharp blades that work very quickly to remove excess ice so that a shape can form. An ice sculptor is a professional and it requires a lot of time, training and practice to master the skill of sculpting ice.


Living The Ice Sculpting Dream


Dreams can become a reality with what ice sculptors do. With some jobs, there is a limit upon what can be created, but not with ice sculpting. Taking a 300lb. chunk of ice and turn it into something magical and beautiful for an audience of any type, is very rewarding.The Perks of Becoming An Ice Sculptor


The work day is never boring. Your job provides a special element to any party. For any special event, like a wedding, an ice sculptor can deliver a piece of art that pumps up the celebration.


If this is a career path of choice, look through the equipment pieces that Ice Crafters provide. We supply all you need to become a proficient ice sculptor. For more information on the products that are needed for creating ice sculptures or more, contact Ice Crafters today!


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New Guinness World Record is Set in Ice Sculpting!


It’s been a very exciting few weeks in the world of ice sculpting! If you haven’t yet heard, allow us to be the first to tell you that the official record for the world’s fastest time to carve 60 ice sculptures was shattered on Sunday, October 20, 2013. It was on that day that Richard Daly, became the new record holder at roughly 3pm, when he completed the feat in just 2 hours and 52 minutes. That’s almost half the time it took former record-holder, Richard Bubin, who had previously clocked in at 4 hours and 20 minutes.


New Guinness World Record is Set in Ice Sculpting - Photo Courtesy:

The spectacle took place in The Ice House at Sculpted Ice Works facility in Lakeville, PA, where hundreds of onlookers watched history unfold. With Guinness World Record Adjudicator there to oversee everything, there were a few guidelines that Daly needed to adhere to. For starters, for each piece to be considered a sculpture, it would need to be carved 3D and be a recognizable shape or design. Additionally, the materials that needed to be used were not just your everyday ice blocks; each needed to be a verified, industry-standard 300-pound ice block, measuring 10” x 20” and 40” tall.


With the proper materials in front of him, only Daly was permitted to alter the shape of the ice block, while his six-man team proved to be helpful in moving each block into place for him, keeping time and clearing space for the next block once he was ready. With the support of his team, Daly was able to carve each piece in two to three minutes.


So what did Daly use to make his 60 world record-worthy sculptures come to life? Stihl electric chainsaws, a die grinder with a 5” rotary knife, a die grinder with a 4” long by 1” diameter burr and apparently, a lot of muscle! All of the tools Richard Daly used are available at – minus the muscle of course!


At any rate, we’re happy to see new and exciting things happening in the world of ice sculptures! Congratulations to Daly from the Ice Crafters team!




(Posted by: Alice Connelly of Ice Crafters)