5 Unique Wedding Ice Sculpture Designs

5 Unique Wedding Ice Sculpture Designs

Are you looking for that one thing to set your wedding apart from your friends? Then you have arrived at the right place.


Many brides and grooms to be think of everything from photo booths to chocolate fountains or a hip new DJ playing the best songs will make their wedding stand out.


But what you rarely see now, is an ice sculpture at a wedding.


No matter what your theme is, there is an ice sculpture that can match it to make your wedding the standout of the season.


  1. Martini Ice Luge – if you are having an outdoor wedding and want to make sure your drinks are nice and cool, how about an ice luge devoted to your guest’s drinks!
  2. A Huge Ring – getting married is all about the ring, and how much you love each other, of course! This huge ring would be the perfect centerpiece for the occasion.
  3. Ode To Your Honeymoon Destination – Are you and your future spouse jet-setting in the morning to Paris, Disney, or another exotic destination? You can have your honeymoon destination made into an ice sculpture! See how great the Eiffel Tower looks on ice!
  4. Swans – if there is any animal that represents love, it is a swan. The way their necks intertwine with one another to make a perfect heart is so beautiful. Think about this ice sculpture for your big day.
  5. Cake Tower – want to make your cake the centerpiece of your wedding? We don’t blame you. Add a million more “wow’s” to your day by showcasing your cake on top of an ice tower.

Feeling inspired yet?


Give Ice Crafters a call now at (800) 871-0739 or (630) 871-0739 to start planning out the ice sculpting equipment you’ll need to create the perfect wedding day ice sculpture.


We know that your clients will not be disappointed.

9 Tips To Keep Your Ice Sculpting Chainsaw In Working Order

9 Tips To Keep Your Ice Sculpting Chainsaw In Working Order

Hand tools to power tools; sculptors use dozens of devices to create ice sculptures.


As time goes by and tools are used they encounter the normal wear and tear, therefore, caring for those tools is of the utmost importance.


It is much cheaper to maintain a tool than replace it, especially power tools.


One of the most used and essential power tools is the chainsaw.


From carving off huge chunks of ice to creating feathers on an angel’s wings the chainsaw is very versatile.


Here we have listed tips on how to keep your chainsaw in good working order:


  • There are electric chainsaws and gas powered chainsaws, whatever the power source of your saw be sure to inspect before each use.


  • For electric chainsaws always check for a cut or frayed cords and wiring.


  • Make sure to use the correct gasoline and oil mixture for gas powered model chainsaws.


  • For all model chainsaws, make sure to check for loose bolts and screws.


  • Always inspect your chain for bent or broken link, dullness, and broken teeth.


  • Replace your chain whenever you find defects, not only for precision in your work but also for your safety as “kickbacks” can cause serious injury.


  • Before storing your chainsaw make sure to inspect again and replace any broken parts.


  • For gas powered chainsaws, use a fuel stabilizer with fresh fuel to prevent clogging the carburetor.


  • For electric chainsaws follow the owner’s manual for instructions on cleaning the battery terminals and regularly charge the battery.


With the best and largest selection of ice sculpting equipment in the world, Ice Crafters is guaranteed to have the tools you need to get your job done.


Visit our website and browse what we have to offer, and if you have any questions or would like to purchase a product, contact us today!


Keep Your Display In Top Shape

Keep Your Display In Top Shape

Creating an ice sculpture takes a lot of time and hard work so it’s only natural to want to show it off once it’s done. To give your work of art its “do” you would want to place it on a display specifically for ice sculptures.


Yet, like everything else, these displays don’t last forever. This means that sometimes parts need to be replaced and items need to be purchased to keep your display at its optimum level.


That’s why it is important to be aware of what hardware you may need to maintain a professional display.


Make The Ultimate Display


It isn’t uncommon that displays need to be plugged in. Whether it is for lighting the sculpture or rotating it, ensure it doesn’t lose power. It would be smart to invest in an overload protector for the plug.


Another common issue is that every machine has screws that become worn, stripped or loose after a great deal of use. That’s why it is important to have replacement screws on hand to make sure when they need to be changed, your display won’t break apart at the wrong time and ruin your sculpture.


It would also be smart to purchase extra replacement hardware for plastic trays like nuts and washers to keep parts from shifting or being damaged.


Ice Crafters has a wide variety of replacement parts and items that will help keep your ice sculpture display look professional. Hardware can break; when they need replacement make sure you get the right parts to keep your work on display.


For more information on our wide selection of ice sculpting equipment, contact us today!

Ice Sculpture Events Are Upcoming, Don’t Be Left Unprepared

Ice Sculpture Events Are Upcoming, Don’t Be Left Unprepared

If you participate in ice sculpture events, we don’t have to tell you that winter and ice recreation will be here soon. With that said, don’t wait until the season is here, get ahead and get your tools now. Not sure where to start?


Here are a few products that, if you don’t have, you should.


Black Heavy Weight Rubber Apron


It’s going to be chilly this winter and this heavy weight bib will protect you from the ice, cutting tools and the cold. If you don’t want the bib look, there are rubber chaps as well.


Glo-Ice Displays


Want to take your display to the next level? The light box is a white base with two fluorescent bulbs and red, blue and amber lights. It comes in square and rectangular shapes in a variety of sizes, making your display unique and bright.


Lift Cart


You no longer have to worry about transporting your display. This 20 X 12 platform can lift to 39” and 300 pounds; a safe and easy way to set up and move your ice sculpture. If you are looking for additional hardware and parts for your lift, we carry those as well.


Books, DVDs and Templates


Whether you’re a seasoned sculptor who needs inspiration or a beginner who would like some tips, we have just what you’re looking for. Different designs for a variety of experience levels, you’ll find it all.


Ice Crafters has the best and largest selection of ice sculpting equipment, offering the most up to date tools in the industry. From block machines to display equipment, you will find just what you’re looking for. If you have any questions, please contact us.