Chainsaw – A Sculptors Greatest Tool

Chainsaw Tool

For many ice sculptors, a chainsaw is the main weapon of choice. Its ability to make huge cuts through the thickest of ice makes it essential for anyone looking to create an ice masterpiece.

That’s why it is important to take the necessary precautions to make sure it is running at its highest level.

For many it may seem like a tough undertaking, but these simple steps could keep your chainsaw revving for a long time.

Keep It Cutting

Chainsaws have a reservoir for oil that keeps the chain continually lubricated as it moves along the bar. However, this eventually runs out so it is important to check it every once and while to make sure it has enough oil so the chain moves smoothly.

Also, make sure to check the chain tension because if it were to become loose it could potentially damage the bar or the sprocket leading to a big headache for you. In addition to that, inspect around the chainsaw for any other loose parts as well.

Now, this may seem like a no-brainer, but make sure you keep your chainsaw clean.

Take the time to wipe any excess debris off of the case and bar with an oily cloth but be careful not to cut yourself on any of the teeth.

Ice Crafters offers a large selection of ice sculpting power tools including chainsaws. Let our tools help you create your best work for years to come.

For more information on any of our products, please feel free to contact us at (800) 871-0739 or (630) 871-0739 today!

5 Unique Wedding Ice Sculpture Designs

5 Unique Wedding Ice Sculpture Designs

Are you looking for that one thing to set your wedding apart from your friends? Then you have arrived at the right place.


Many brides and grooms to be think of everything from photo booths to chocolate fountains or a hip new DJ playing the best songs will make their wedding stand out.


But what you rarely see now, is an ice sculpture at a wedding.


No matter what your theme is, there is an ice sculpture that can match it to make your wedding the standout of the season.


  1. Martini Ice Luge – if you are having an outdoor wedding and want to make sure your drinks are nice and cool, how about an ice luge devoted to your guest’s drinks!
  2. A Huge Ring – getting married is all about the ring, and how much you love each other, of course! This huge ring would be the perfect centerpiece for the occasion.
  3. Ode To Your Honeymoon Destination – Are you and your future spouse jet-setting in the morning to Paris, Disney, or another exotic destination? You can have your honeymoon destination made into an ice sculpture! See how great the Eiffel Tower looks on ice!
  4. Swans – if there is any animal that represents love, it is a swan. The way their necks intertwine with one another to make a perfect heart is so beautiful. Think about this ice sculpture for your big day.
  5. Cake Tower – want to make your cake the centerpiece of your wedding? We don’t blame you. Add a million more “wow’s” to your day by showcasing your cake on top of an ice tower.

Feeling inspired yet?


Give Ice Crafters a call now at (800) 871-0739 or (630) 871-0739 to start planning out the ice sculpting equipment you’ll need to create the perfect wedding day ice sculpture.


We know that your clients will not be disappointed.

Ice Carving Secrets: Uses of Brice Nail Boards

Ice Carving Secrets: Uses of Brice Nail Boards

When you go to a lavish event and see a stunning ice sculpture, it piques your curiosity. First you’re stunned by its beauty, but then you begin to wonder how it came into creation, how long it took, and how hard the artist had to work to carve such an intricate piece of ice art.


Well, a major component is the nail boards. Just one of the tools an ice sculpture artist needs to create, it’s among the most important. In 1990, artist Steve Brice invented this nail board to create his memorable ice sculpture of a Mercedes Benz, at the World Art Championships in 1991.


The tool helped him create such a wonderful piece, that other artists looked to him for information. The success of the nail boards helped other artists create large, intricate ice sculptures that leave an impression.


The nail board is as simple as it sounds. It’s essentially just a wooden board with screws (not actually nails) drilled through it. Equipped with handles and rows of screws, the nail board is mainly used for flattening the surfaces of the sculptures and for setting the shape in the early stages of creation.


Since 1991, ice sculptures have improved greatly, and it’s all thanks to Steve Brice and his unique invention. Every talented ice sculptor uses this tool, and it shows in his or her work.


Learn more about the boards we carry back on our main page, or contact us at Ice Crafters with any questions you may have about ice sculpting and the tools we carry.

Be Prepared With The Tools to Get The Job Done!

Be Prepared With The Tools to Get The Job Done!

Ice carving is very fun to do no matter if you do as a hobby or do it for a living. It’s very important however that when you participate in it that you have the right tools to get the job done.


Everything from the clothing you wear to what power tool you use could make the difference between making a beautiful piece of work to something looks like it needs some work.


However, one of the most important tools when working with ice is the saw due to its unique types and sizes.


Get the Right Saw for The Right Job!


Typically when starting an ice sculpture, you start with a large chunk of ice and you remove large pieces to start it. So something like a hand saw would be perfect for this as you could use it to make bigger cuts in the ice.


Once those are all done, you would move on to smaller cuts to add detail to your work. For that you would be using a keyhole saw which will allow you to make precision cuts or holes in the ice. Then after working with this type of saw, you will move on to other tools to help finish your work.


Ice Crafters offers the largest selection of ice sculpting equipment to make your work look the best it can. It doesn’t matter if it’s a new saw or new display equipment to show it off, we got what you need. For more information on our products, please feel free to contact us today!

Valentine’s Day Ice Sculptures

Valentine’s Day Ice Sculptures

Romance is in the air, and so is the winter chill! Combine the two with exquisite ice sculptures suitable for Valentine’s Day. These fabulous works of melting art are a welcomed addition to any event and will glorify this special time of year. How do you go get from start to finish, though?


Often people want to know what tools are used to make such wondrous displays of affections. Many are surprised to learn that a Valentine’s Day ice sculpture doesn’t begin with carving tools. In fact, you need to actually make the block of ice first and foremost! Our line of work stations and ice block makers provide the correct size blocks to start with.


While a chainsaw can get you moving in the right direction, finesse is better left to our ice sculpting tools. Hand tools are best when working with intricate designs. Delicate and tender care is put into the piece using these crafting tools.


What types of Valentine’s Day ice sculptures best represent this time of year? The classic heart design is always requested, but there are so many creative ways to incorporate such a well-known symbol of love. Blending the heart shape into any number of other designs can create the right atmosphere for the season.


Here are some other excellent concepts for sculptures that would fit in with a Valentine’s Day event:Valentine’s Day Ice Sculptures


  • Cherubs are virtually the personification of a certain love-struck angel that has a bad habit of shooting arrows.
  • Doves are not only a universal symbol of peace, but they can inhibit the spirit of romance as well.
  • Swans are so graceful that even a still image of a pair can illicit warm feelings of love.
  • A key…but a key to what? To someone’s heart, perhaps?
  • A rose by any other name would still be a romantic and classic ice sculpture!


Ice Crafters is devoted to offering the best and widest selection of ice sculpting accessories and equipment in the world; electric tools, chisels, carving block machines, display equipment and more. Please take some time to review our site and for more information feel free to contact us today!


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10 Books That Will Make You a Master Ice Sculptor in No Time

10 Books That Will Make You a Master Ice Sculptor in No Time

As we all know, one doesn’t learn how to craft ice overnight. It’s a long, rewarding process that could take months, if not years, to master. But there are shortcuts. And some of them come in paperback.
From our own library to yours, here are 10 books that are guaranteed to take your ice sculpting career to the next level:


1997 Asahikawa Hokkido Competition


The best of the best in the ice sculpting world. Try this one on for size first to introduce yourself to the masters, and just to see what true potential looks like.


Ice Carving Made Easy


A book for beginners, this guide will teach you a few tricks of the trade. Good to be prepared before you dive into the trade itself.


Ice Sculpture: the Art of Ice Carving in 12 Systematic Steps


Like our list, this book will take you through what it takes to be a master. Just don’t forget the ice.


Ice Carving 101


Once you’ve got the tricks and the steps down, it’s time to start sculpting. But don’t start without this book by your side.


Vision of the Master10 Books That Will Make You a Master Ice Sculptor in No Time


Take a quick break from learning to check out what the masters have done. Nothing better to pump you up than a few pics of the pros.


Ice Art Professional, Part 1 & 2


Now that you’ve got the basics down, it’s time to step it up a notch. This intermediate-advanced copy should be the next level of your growing skill.


New World of Ice Sculpture, Vols. 1 & 2


It’s a particularly exciting time to join the ice sculpting universe, as new technology and techniques has led to a boom in never-before-seen sculptures. This dual collection is a good introduction to all of that innovation.


Ice Sculpture Techniques: the Cutting Edge


Now that you’ve gotten with the times, it’s probably best to start learning how to catch up. This modern handbook will show you what to do to make sure you’re in line with the 21st century style.


Ice Sculpting the Modern Way


And what good are those modern techniques if you can’t use them? Apply them today.


Iceculture: Ideas That Work(ed)


In terms of the bigger picture, this book may be the most important: it tells us how we can use our ice sculptures in a way that’s beneficial for all.


Now take what you’ve learned and go save the world. For more information, or if you have any questions on the books we offer, contact us at Ice Crafters today!


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The Perks of Becoming An Ice Sculptor

The Perks of Becoming An Ice Sculptor

Choosing a career path that keeps you on your toes, always seizes the day, and makes the work day enjoyable can be difficult, unless you are an ice sculptor.


A work day for an ice sculptor is anything but typical. There is always a new task before you that’s so different from the last and there is always a chance to challenge yourself with tackling a new technique. Not to mention, you are providing a truly one of a kind talent to your clients, who will be grateful for the many, many hours and hard labor you put into creating a masterpiece. Ice sculpting is a work of art.


Some people might not realize that ice sculpting is a dangerous job. Ice sculptors are working with extremely sharp blades that work very quickly to remove excess ice so that a shape can form. An ice sculptor is a professional and it requires a lot of time, training and practice to master the skill of sculpting ice.


Living The Ice Sculpting Dream


Dreams can become a reality with what ice sculptors do. With some jobs, there is a limit upon what can be created, but not with ice sculpting. Taking a 300lb. chunk of ice and turn it into something magical and beautiful for an audience of any type, is very rewarding.The Perks of Becoming An Ice Sculptor


The work day is never boring. Your job provides a special element to any party. For any special event, like a wedding, an ice sculptor can deliver a piece of art that pumps up the celebration.


If this is a career path of choice, look through the equipment pieces that Ice Crafters provide. We supply all you need to become a proficient ice sculptor. For more information on the products that are needed for creating ice sculptures or more, contact Ice Crafters today!


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New Guinness World Record is Set in Ice Sculpting!


It’s been a very exciting few weeks in the world of ice sculpting! If you haven’t yet heard, allow us to be the first to tell you that the official record for the world’s fastest time to carve 60 ice sculptures was shattered on Sunday, October 20, 2013. It was on that day that Richard Daly, became the new record holder at roughly 3pm, when he completed the feat in just 2 hours and 52 minutes. That’s almost half the time it took former record-holder, Richard Bubin, who had previously clocked in at 4 hours and 20 minutes.


New Guinness World Record is Set in Ice Sculpting - Photo Courtesy:

The spectacle took place in The Ice House at Sculpted Ice Works facility in Lakeville, PA, where hundreds of onlookers watched history unfold. With Guinness World Record Adjudicator there to oversee everything, there were a few guidelines that Daly needed to adhere to. For starters, for each piece to be considered a sculpture, it would need to be carved 3D and be a recognizable shape or design. Additionally, the materials that needed to be used were not just your everyday ice blocks; each needed to be a verified, industry-standard 300-pound ice block, measuring 10” x 20” and 40” tall.


With the proper materials in front of him, only Daly was permitted to alter the shape of the ice block, while his six-man team proved to be helpful in moving each block into place for him, keeping time and clearing space for the next block once he was ready. With the support of his team, Daly was able to carve each piece in two to three minutes.


So what did Daly use to make his 60 world record-worthy sculptures come to life? Stihl electric chainsaws, a die grinder with a 5” rotary knife, a die grinder with a 4” long by 1” diameter burr and apparently, a lot of muscle! All of the tools Richard Daly used are available at – minus the muscle of course!


At any rate, we’re happy to see new and exciting things happening in the world of ice sculptures! Congratulations to Daly from the Ice Crafters team!




(Posted by: Alice Connelly of Ice Crafters)