9 Tips To Keep Your Ice Sculpting Chainsaw In Working Order

9 Tips To Keep Your Ice Sculpting Chainsaw In Working Order

Hand tools to power tools; sculptors use dozens of devices to create ice sculptures.


As time goes by and tools are used they encounter the normal wear and tear, therefore, caring for those tools is of the utmost importance.


It is much cheaper to maintain a tool than replace it, especially power tools.


One of the most used and essential power tools is the chainsaw.


From carving off huge chunks of ice to creating feathers on an angel’s wings the chainsaw is very versatile.


Here we have listed tips on how to keep your chainsaw in good working order:


  • There are electric chainsaws and gas powered chainsaws, whatever the power source of your saw be sure to inspect before each use.


  • For electric chainsaws always check for a cut or frayed cords and wiring.


  • Make sure to use the correct gasoline and oil mixture for gas powered model chainsaws.


  • For all model chainsaws, make sure to check for loose bolts and screws.


  • Always inspect your chain for bent or broken link, dullness, and broken teeth.


  • Replace your chain whenever you find defects, not only for precision in your work but also for your safety as “kickbacks” can cause serious injury.


  • Before storing your chainsaw make sure to inspect again and replace any broken parts.


  • For gas powered chainsaws, use a fuel stabilizer with fresh fuel to prevent clogging the carburetor.


  • For electric chainsaws follow the owner’s manual for instructions on cleaning the battery terminals and regularly charge the battery.


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Featured Products – 20 Inch Trim Saw

Featured Products - 20 Inch Trim Saw

Perhaps you’re a professional ice carver who’s been in the game for years, or maybe you’re just starting out a new artistic venture. Whatever the reason is that you are interested in ice carving, Ice Crafters is devoted to offering the greatest selection of ice sculpting equipment in the world.


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The Trim Saw boasts a convertible back wall that adjusts to cutting depths and for trimming ice blocks down to 20 inches.


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