Unique Ideas For Your Ice Sculpture

Unique Ideas For Your Ice Sculpture

Every artist knows how frustrating it can be to have a creative block, especially when you have a deadline. If you are getting ready to present an ice sculpture at an event, not being able to come up with a fun and creative design can make you feel like quitting.

Are you doing a special event like a wedding or corporate event?

Create an ice bar. While they seem generic, customizing the bar to incorporate the couple or the business is a great way to take a classic idea and turn it into something unique and unforgettable. Add a touch of color and intricate designs to personalize this look.

You can also use the ice sculptures for a table centerpiece, like a salad bowl, ice cream bowl, and other foods. It’s a creative and unique way to store foods that need to be served chilled.

Here at Ice Crafters, we offer templates and design inspiration from master ice sculptors, Mitsu Shimizu, and Mac Winker. Just find the designs that best suit your skills and then you’ll be able to choose from a variety of options. Take these classic ideas and add your own special touch and style to it. You won’t run out of ideas again.

While planning your sculpture, make sure that you are following any instructions or guidelines for the event. If there was a specific request, follow it as closely as you can.



If you need tips or ideas, contact Ice Crafters today. Not only do we offer the best ice sculpting equipment on the market, we offer templates, videos and books to help you with your process.