Make Your Sculpture Look Great

June 18th, 2015
Make Your Sculpture Look Great

Making the prefect ice sculpture is hard enough, but having to create one for a corporate event can be a very daunting task. Many things have to be perfect to make sure you don’t get the cold shoulder from the company you created it for.


7 Tips for the Perfect Corporate Event Sculpture


  • Follow The Instructions – This may seem simple enough, but make sure it is exactly what they company requested.
  • Be Safe – When sculpting, make sure you are wearing the proper protection to make sure you don’t ruin the sculpture or even get stuck to it!
  • Add a Luge – A nice touch to the sculpture to help people remember it would be to add a luge to it that would deliver drinks to people in attendance.
  • Transport – Make sure your sculpture doesn’t melt when you’re moving it. Have it in the proper container that can keep it cool on it’s way to where it’s going
  • Display – Once the sculpture gets to the event, put it on a display that will either rotate or allow everyone to take in how intricate and beautiful it is.
  • Light – In addition to the right display, additional lighting could be very helpful in making everyone see the smooth edges and details of the sculpture.
  • Make Cleanup Easy – Don’t make the company at the event worry about whether they will have to clean up the water when the sculpture begins to melt. Get them drip pans or have the run off catcher built in to the display the sculpture is on!


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