Ithaca Ice Wars 2014 (Video)

December 1st, 2014
Ithaca Ice Wars 2014 (Video)

Ice sculpting is a passionate, skillful, art for all to enjoy. During this time across the United States, the National Ice Carving Association (NCIA) sponsors Official Events in various locations and dates. One of the upcoming ice carving events sanctioned by the NCIA is the Ithaca Ice Wars, on December 11th through the 13th, in Ithaca, NY.


Located in the Ithaca Commons in downtown Ithaca, Ithaca’s Ice Wars Ice Carving Competition showcases sixteen acclaimed ice carvers from around the world that will compete in three competitions over three days to win the grand prize of $9,000.


Check out a video from last year’s competition:



As you can see the sculptors can get very creative with their designs, all works are unique.


Friday’s event is a speed competition. In the competition, two carvers will go head-to-head with only one chance to make the perfect cuts, delivering a statue that will be judged by a National Ice Carving professional judging panel and the crowd. Each master carver must complete a statue in 20-minutes, using a very limited supply of ice carving tools to craft each sculpture.


On Saturday, there are two competitions. The first part of the Ice Wars is for the ice sculptors to begin carving their entire statues in one place, and then they must move the carving without breaking it to the final display location.


The second event is last of the NCIA event. This is where the really big ice art can be done. The talented ice carvers are to show off their skill by creating works from two, 300lbs blocks of ice.


As you can see here at Ice Crafters, we enjoy the sport and clash of artists in ice sculpting. If you have an affinity for the arts and enjoy watching the masters at their craft, check out this event or one that is in your area.


For those ice carvers that are looking to improve their sculpting tools or accessories, check out the wide variety of products that Ice Crafters carries and prepare yourself to make amazing pieces of art like those at the Ithaca ice Wars! For more information contact Ice Crafters today!



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