Ideas For Making A Wedding Ice Luge Sculpture

December 10th, 2014
Ideas For Making A Wedding Ice Luge Sculpture

When it comes to a wedding, a bride and groom who are making plans for the reception get what they want. In this instance what they want most for the celebration is an ice luge sculpture for their guests to use. What’s an ice luge you might ask? An ice luge is a relatively large block of ice that has small, narrow channels carved inside or out, where liquid is poured sometimes into the drinker’s mouth or glass. Usually these are alcoholic drinks.

Ideas For Making A Wedding Ice Luge Sculpture


An ice luge can be made from molds as well, but that takes away the creativity and originality from an ice sculptor. As an ice sculptor this gives you a chance to show off you talents as well as give the couple an item that will be showcased at their event.


Supplies Every Ice Luge Needs


Decisions must be made to which style of ice luge will be made. This will decide which supplies you need and what type of block will be made. One ice luge design has the tubes or hose inside in order to pour the drink using a spigot to control the flow of the drinks. Another design is to carve out the ice block and create luge slides that give the bartender the ability to pour drink down the slide into the waiting mouth or glass.


Either creation takes a sculpture’s touch as they can be a work of art. Perhaps you engrave the bride and groom’s initials in the side or names in/on the side or create the block with LED lights to glow throughout; the possibilities to be a visionary are endless.

Ideas For Making A Wedding Ice Luge Sculpture


Regardless of which type of ice luge you are tasked to create, you’ll need ice luge supplies. Ice Crafters has the supplies you need for all your ice sculpting needs and more. Whether you need ice luge parts or other supplies for your ice sculpting needs, consult with the professionals at Ice Crafters today!



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