Ice Carving Secrets: Uses of Brice Nail Boards

August 24th, 2015
Ice Carving Secrets: Uses of Brice Nail Boards

When you go to a lavish event and see a stunning ice sculpture, it piques your curiosity. First you’re stunned by its beauty, but then you begin to wonder how it came into creation, how long it took, and how hard the artist had to work to carve such an intricate piece of ice art.


Well, a major component is the nail boards. Just one of the tools an ice sculpture artist needs to create, it’s among the most important. In 1990, artist Steve Brice invented this nail board to create his memorable ice sculpture of a Mercedes Benz, at the World Art Championships in 1991.


The tool helped him create such a wonderful piece, that other artists looked to him for information. The success of the nail boards helped other artists create large, intricate ice sculptures that leave an impression.


The nail board is as simple as it sounds. It’s essentially just a wooden board with screws (not actually nails) drilled through it. Equipped with handles and rows of screws, the nail board is mainly used for flattening the surfaces of the sculptures and for setting the shape in the early stages of creation.


Since 1991, ice sculptures have improved greatly, and it’s all thanks to Steve Brice and his unique invention. Every talented ice sculptor uses this tool, and it shows in his or her work.


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