Four Ways to Keep Your Hot Summer Party Ice Cold

August 10th, 2016

With summer in full swing, it can only mean one thing – it is going to be hot! But that shouldn’t stop you from throwing a fun summer party. There are a lot of ways to stay cool during your shindig. Here are a few suggestions.


Have Some Punch!


One surefire way to stay cool during those hot summer parties is to indulge in some refreshing party punch. There are tons of great punch selections that your guests will love. For fruity options, there is everything from a sweet summer pineapple punch to Hawaiian themed punches and even a rainbow sherbet punch. Make it in an ice bowl and really kick it up a notch.

If you are looking for more adult-themed options, the sky’s the limit with such delicious drinks as winter white sangria, champagne peach punch and piña colada punch. Whatever type of punch you decide on, make sure you get the proper tools to ensure you have a long-lasting ice bowl to keep your beverages chilled all day long.


Cool Down with an Ice Luge


If you want to cool down that punch or another favorite summer drink, enjoy it with an ice luge and turn that party on its head! An ice luge is an excellent way to create a themed drink delivery system that will be the hit of the party. It’s easy to construct, too. Simply get all the proper tools, think of a great design, and make it a summer to remember!


Ice SculptureCreate an Ice Sculpture


We love ice sculptures, and we know how they can really add something cool to the hottest summer parties! The great thing about making these sculptures is that if you have the right ice carving tools, the rest of the creation is up to your imagination. Plus, it doesn’t have to be a one-person job! Get the rest of your guests involved and have them help make the sculpture that’s entirely customized by everyone in attendance. Plus, with all those ice chunks flying around, it’s easy to keep cool!


Get a Fun Beverage Fountain


If an ice sculpture or ice bowl isn’t your thing, consider a classy beverage fountain. These fountains are another fun way of giving your cold drinks some awesome flair! Some of these fountains even come with pumps and color changing lights to add neat and unique color effects to liven up the party even more. It’s a great accessory for any summer party.

At Ice Crafters, we carry all of the supplies you need to keep the temperature down on the hottest summer days. We sell items for punch bowls, tools for ice sculptures and plenty of educational tools to walk you through everything involved. Give us a call at 630-871-0739 to learn more or place an order from our online product catalog today!

Written by Ice Crafters

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