Display Every Angle of Your Work

March 23rd, 2015
Display Every Angle of Your Work

If you are an Ice Sculptor, you know how much effort and detail goes in to your work. So when it comes time to show it off, you want people to be able to appreciate every scrape and cut you have made.


That’s why a rotating display is ideal for your finished ice sculpture. As it rotates around, everyone will be able to view the intricacies of whatever you may have sculpted. No matter if it is facing them, turned to its side or backwards, your work will be taken for what it is, allowing on lookers to view it in all its glory.


The displays will be stable to, most come with pegs to help keep everything in place so your sculpture won’t slip or slide if it begins to melt while being viewed. If the statue does start to melt there’s no need to worry as many have a built in drain to catch any run off water, leaving you with no mess in the end. Not only that, but it can also be used during the sculpting process as well. Display Every Angle of Your Work


Who knows, you may be working in a confined area so being able to rotate the ice without damaging its integrity is a good option to have.


Ice Crafters has the best and largest selection of ice sculpting equipment in the world. We offer everything from electric tools to rotating displays. If you have any questions or would like to know more about any of our products, contact us today!



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