Creating Ice Jackets For Your Graduation Party

May 20th, 2015
Creating Ice Jackets For Your Graduation Party

The spring and summer months are full of graduation parties, most of which are going to take place out on the back yard, with burgers and hot dogs and potato salad. And who doesn’t love that kind of backyard party? But this season, why not shake things up and really wow your guests with custom ice jackets that are sure to make an impression on the drink table!


Ice jackets are like ice molds, which are made to create freezing water around a bottle. We like to make ice molds for liquors, but you can do it for any kind of drink you’re serving. They’re easy to do for any occasion.


Not only do these cool ice jackets keep your drinks and booze at a cold temperature, they look awesome. You won’t have to worry too much about constantly attending the ice bucket, refreshing it with more ice that has melted. Instead of worrying if the Pinot Grigio is the perfect drinking temperature and refilling ice buckets and wine glasses with ice, let an ice jacket do all the heavy lifting for you!


So you’re planning a graduation party for this summer—let us at Ice Crafters help to make it awesome! In the spring and summer months, it can be hard to throw a really memorable party since everyone is graduating. With custom ice jackets made just for you, though, your party will definitely have that extra something that will impress your guests, keeping those drinks nice and cool.

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