Transporting and Moving Ice Sculptures with the Use of Equipment

Transporting and Moving Ice Sculptures with the Use of Equipment

The average two block ice sculpture weighs 400 pounds. However, ice sculptures have been known to weigh up to 50,000 pounds. That is a tremendous amount of weight, which makes transportation of the sculpture difficult.


Lifting an ice sculpture without experience is not only dangerous; it can pose a lot of damage to the sculpture itself. The best chance of making a smooth move is with appropriate equipment. The equipment referred to is specific to the ice sculpting industry. These transportation tools are specially designed to withstand the weight of an ice sculpture as well as move it efficiently.


Protecting Your Work of Ice ArtTransporting and Moving Ice Sculptures with the Use of Equipment


Before we discuss what equipment is most accommodating for transportation, we need to address how to protect the actual sculpture.


Regardless of travel distance, you’ll want to keep the sculpture safe from sunlight, heat, and physical shock. Blankets and bubble wrap will prevent sculpture damage if hit by an object. An ice sculpture is best protected from the heat when it is covered in bubble wrap or plastic and then covered again by a heavy wool or moving blanket. Specially designed blankets will ensure cold air to be trapped to the ice.


Now, when you feel the ice sculpture has been properly wrapped for moving, you will need some equipment assistance. We carry a variety of ice sculpture moving equipment. Lift carts are easy to maneuver and can be secured tightly to an ice sculpture. With wheels and convenient handles, this cart works well for long distance moving. Poly plank foam is resilient and non-abrasive, which makes it useful as a platform to place your ice sculpture on top of.


For the above and other ice sculpture transportation equipment, feel free to browse our website or contact us.


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