10 Books That Will Make You a Master Ice Sculptor in No Time

10 Books That Will Make You a Master Ice Sculptor in No Time

As we all know, one doesn’t learn how to craft ice overnight. It’s a long, rewarding process that could take months, if not years, to master. But there are shortcuts. And some of them come in paperback.
From our own library to yours, here are 10 books that are guaranteed to take your ice sculpting career to the next level:


1997 Asahikawa Hokkido Competition


The best of the best in the ice sculpting world. Try this one on for size first to introduce yourself to the masters, and just to see what true potential looks like.


Ice Carving Made Easy


A book for beginners, this guide will teach you a few tricks of the trade. Good to be prepared before you dive into the trade itself.


Ice Sculpture: the Art of Ice Carving in 12 Systematic Steps


Like our list, this book will take you through what it takes to be a master. Just don’t forget the ice.


Ice Carving 101


Once you’ve got the tricks and the steps down, it’s time to start sculpting. But don’t start without this book by your side.


Vision of the Master10 Books That Will Make You a Master Ice Sculptor in No Time


Take a quick break from learning to check out what the masters have done. Nothing better to pump you up than a few pics of the pros.


Ice Art Professional, Part 1 & 2


Now that you’ve got the basics down, it’s time to step it up a notch. This intermediate-advanced copy should be the next level of your growing skill.


New World of Ice Sculpture, Vols. 1 & 2


It’s a particularly exciting time to join the ice sculpting universe, as new technology and techniques has led to a boom in never-before-seen sculptures. This dual collection is a good introduction to all of that innovation.


Ice Sculpture Techniques: the Cutting Edge


Now that you’ve gotten with the times, it’s probably best to start learning how to catch up. This modern handbook will show you what to do to make sure you’re in line with the 21st century style.


Ice Sculpting the Modern Way


And what good are those modern techniques if you can’t use them? Apply them today.


Iceculture: Ideas That Work(ed)


In terms of the bigger picture, this book may be the most important: it tells us how we can use our ice sculptures in a way that’s beneficial for all.


Now take what you’ve learned and go save the world. For more information, or if you have any questions on the books we offer, contact us at Ice Crafters today!


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