Chainsaw – A Sculptors Greatest Tool

Chainsaw Tool

For many ice sculptors, a chainsaw is the main weapon of choice. Its ability to make huge cuts through the thickest of ice makes it essential for anyone looking to create an ice masterpiece.

That’s why it is important to take the necessary precautions to make sure it is running at its highest level.

For many it may seem like a tough undertaking, but these simple steps could keep your chainsaw revving for a long time.

Keep It Cutting

Chainsaws have a reservoir for oil that keeps the chain continually lubricated as it moves along the bar. However, this eventually runs out so it is important to check it every once and while to make sure it has enough oil so the chain moves smoothly.

Also, make sure to check the chain tension because if it were to become loose it could potentially damage the bar or the sprocket leading to a big headache for you. In addition to that, inspect around the chainsaw for any other loose parts as well.

Now, this may seem like a no-brainer, but make sure you keep your chainsaw clean.

Take the time to wipe any excess debris off of the case and bar with an oily cloth but be careful not to cut yourself on any of the teeth.

Ice Crafters offers a large selection of ice sculpting power tools including chainsaws. Let our tools help you create your best work for years to come.

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9 Tips To Keep Your Ice Sculpting Chainsaw In Working Order

9 Tips To Keep Your Ice Sculpting Chainsaw In Working Order

Hand tools to power tools; sculptors use dozens of devices to create ice sculptures.


As time goes by and tools are used they encounter the normal wear and tear, therefore, caring for those tools is of the utmost importance.


It is much cheaper to maintain a tool than replace it, especially power tools.


One of the most used and essential power tools is the chainsaw.


From carving off huge chunks of ice to creating feathers on an angel’s wings the chainsaw is very versatile.


Here we have listed tips on how to keep your chainsaw in good working order:


  • There are electric chainsaws and gas powered chainsaws, whatever the power source of your saw be sure to inspect before each use.


  • For electric chainsaws always check for a cut or frayed cords and wiring.


  • Make sure to use the correct gasoline and oil mixture for gas powered model chainsaws.


  • For all model chainsaws, make sure to check for loose bolts and screws.


  • Always inspect your chain for bent or broken link, dullness, and broken teeth.


  • Replace your chain whenever you find defects, not only for precision in your work but also for your safety as “kickbacks” can cause serious injury.


  • Before storing your chainsaw make sure to inspect again and replace any broken parts.


  • For gas powered chainsaws, use a fuel stabilizer with fresh fuel to prevent clogging the carburetor.


  • For electric chainsaws follow the owner’s manual for instructions on cleaning the battery terminals and regularly charge the battery.


With the best and largest selection of ice sculpting equipment in the world, Ice Crafters is guaranteed to have the tools you need to get your job done.


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Keep Your Display In Top Shape

Keep Your Display In Top Shape

Creating an ice sculpture takes a lot of time and hard work so it’s only natural to want to show it off once it’s done. To give your work of art its “do” you would want to place it on a display specifically for ice sculptures.


Yet, like everything else, these displays don’t last forever. This means that sometimes parts need to be replaced and items need to be purchased to keep your display at its optimum level.


That’s why it is important to be aware of what hardware you may need to maintain a professional display.


Make The Ultimate Display


It isn’t uncommon that displays need to be plugged in. Whether it is for lighting the sculpture or rotating it, ensure it doesn’t lose power. It would be smart to invest in an overload protector for the plug.


Another common issue is that every machine has screws that become worn, stripped or loose after a great deal of use. That’s why it is important to have replacement screws on hand to make sure when they need to be changed, your display won’t break apart at the wrong time and ruin your sculpture.


It would also be smart to purchase extra replacement hardware for plastic trays like nuts and washers to keep parts from shifting or being damaged.


Ice Crafters has a wide variety of replacement parts and items that will help keep your ice sculpture display look professional. Hardware can break; when they need replacement make sure you get the right parts to keep your work on display.


For more information on our wide selection of ice sculpting equipment, contact us today!

Get An Ice Crafting Lathe Machine For Your Works

Get An Ice Crafting Lathe Machine For Your Works

Now when many sculptors get hired to create a work out of ice they typically just make that one piece and they are done. Yet, sometimes the job asks for the big piece to come with smaller accompanying pieces.


This can prove to be quite difficult for sculptors who have difficulty making the smaller items due to the precision of the cuts required to make them. When that occurs, a lathe can help make those items a reality.


Let The Lathe Handle It


This lathe machine is capable of creating smaller works of ice such as ice pillars to table centerpieces in minutes. It can make the exact cuts needed to make it look like it needs to.


To utilize the lathe and make a work of ice, first you need to get a piece of ice to create the item.


Then from there, put the design instructions into the machine so it can make the correct cuts.


Once that operation is set and the cuts have been made, your ice creation is all set and ready for display.


What’s also great about this lathe machine is that it can allow you to mass produce these creations as well. So if you are contracted to create a large collection of ice sculptures or works, you can rely on the lathe to help you get it done.


Ice Crafters has a variety or ice sculpting tools including a lathe when you need to make smaller sculptures. Next time don’t sweat the small stuff and create beautiful works with your own lathe. If you would like more information on the products we offer, please contact us today!

Get The Tools To Get Your Best Sculpture

Get The Tools To Get Your Best Sculpture

Now if you currently are an ice sculptor, you know that there are a core group of tools you use to do your work like the chainsaw and the pick.


However, sometimes you find yourself going to make a cut that may not be able to make or your tools aren’t right for.


So to avoid getting stuck between ice and a hard place, it’s a good idea to have a variety of picks and tools so you can get the job done.


“Pick” From These Tools


Now if you’re looking to get rid of some ice but you don’t see the need in making a huge cut, then you could try using a 6-prong chipper to move some of the ice off. That way you are only removing a little bit instead of risking removing more than you need to with a bigger tool.


If you find yourself looking to make a cut but you want it to be smooth, this precise Ice Crafters ice pick would be perfect.


With this pick you can shave off a little bit of ice at a time without making a dent or uneven cut on your work.


Another great tool to have is a set of tongs as these have the strength to help you move large pieces of ice without breaking them, keeping your work intact.


Ice Crafters has a wide variety of ice sculpting picks for sale to help you create your next ice masterpiece. Don’t let your tools restrict what your work could become, get the right tools from us. For more information on our products, please feel free to contact us today!

Crafting Works Of Art With The Right Chainsaw

Crafting Works Of Art With The Right Chainsaw

Perfecting your ice sculpture is difficult and it’s important to understand the differences in chainsaws and how they can affect the cuts you make into the ice. Using too big of a saw will cause messy cuts and too small of a saw won’t go through the ice enough.


So, not any chainsaw will do when you’re getting ready for your ice sculpture. There is a chainsaw for every activity and every step that you’ll take while crafting your work of art.


Two chainsaw brands that are popular with ice sculpting are Stihl and Makita. Stihl is more of an investment than other saws, so these are best if you are going to be using them often rather than every once in a while.


These saws are well made and while they are not the fastest they are extremely hard to wear out. Makita saws are faster than Stihl but still work well however, they do get hotter than other saws. Both are very popular brands, so ultimately the choice will come down to personal preference.


When you begin sculpting your art, it’s wise to start with a long bar like the Stihl MSE 220-20, which is perfect for ice carving and getting through those thick blocks and making straight cuts. For sculpting, it’s time to switch over to the short saw, like the Makita 5012B.


This is better for any turning or smaller cuts. It’s also better for faster carving because it’s lighter and easier to reposition.


Ice Crafters offers the best and largest selection of ice sculpting equipment. We work closely with ice sculptures to ensure that we are bringing you the most cutting edge tools in the market. If you have any questions or would like to place an order, please contact us today at 1-800-871-0739 or email us at

Ice Sculpture Events Are Upcoming, Don’t Be Left Unprepared

Ice Sculpture Events Are Upcoming, Don’t Be Left Unprepared

If you participate in ice sculpture events, we don’t have to tell you that winter and ice recreation will be here soon. With that said, don’t wait until the season is here, get ahead and get your tools now. Not sure where to start?


Here are a few products that, if you don’t have, you should.


Black Heavy Weight Rubber Apron


It’s going to be chilly this winter and this heavy weight bib will protect you from the ice, cutting tools and the cold. If you don’t want the bib look, there are rubber chaps as well.


Glo-Ice Displays


Want to take your display to the next level? The light box is a white base with two fluorescent bulbs and red, blue and amber lights. It comes in square and rectangular shapes in a variety of sizes, making your display unique and bright.


Lift Cart


You no longer have to worry about transporting your display. This 20 X 12 platform can lift to 39” and 300 pounds; a safe and easy way to set up and move your ice sculpture. If you are looking for additional hardware and parts for your lift, we carry those as well.


Books, DVDs and Templates


Whether you’re a seasoned sculptor who needs inspiration or a beginner who would like some tips, we have just what you’re looking for. Different designs for a variety of experience levels, you’ll find it all.


Ice Crafters has the best and largest selection of ice sculpting equipment, offering the most up to date tools in the industry. From block machines to display equipment, you will find just what you’re looking for. If you have any questions, please contact us.

Ice Carving Secrets: Uses of Brice Nail Boards

Ice Carving Secrets: Uses of Brice Nail Boards

When you go to a lavish event and see a stunning ice sculpture, it piques your curiosity. First you’re stunned by its beauty, but then you begin to wonder how it came into creation, how long it took, and how hard the artist had to work to carve such an intricate piece of ice art.


Well, a major component is the nail boards. Just one of the tools an ice sculpture artist needs to create, it’s among the most important. In 1990, artist Steve Brice invented this nail board to create his memorable ice sculpture of a Mercedes Benz, at the World Art Championships in 1991.


The tool helped him create such a wonderful piece, that other artists looked to him for information. The success of the nail boards helped other artists create large, intricate ice sculptures that leave an impression.


The nail board is as simple as it sounds. It’s essentially just a wooden board with screws (not actually nails) drilled through it. Equipped with handles and rows of screws, the nail board is mainly used for flattening the surfaces of the sculptures and for setting the shape in the early stages of creation.


Since 1991, ice sculptures have improved greatly, and it’s all thanks to Steve Brice and his unique invention. Every talented ice sculptor uses this tool, and it shows in his or her work.


Learn more about the boards we carry back on our main page, or contact us at Ice Crafters with any questions you may have about ice sculpting and the tools we carry.

Be Prepared With The Tools to Get The Job Done!

Be Prepared With The Tools to Get The Job Done!

Ice carving is very fun to do no matter if you do as a hobby or do it for a living. It’s very important however that when you participate in it that you have the right tools to get the job done.


Everything from the clothing you wear to what power tool you use could make the difference between making a beautiful piece of work to something looks like it needs some work.


However, one of the most important tools when working with ice is the saw due to its unique types and sizes.


Get the Right Saw for The Right Job!


Typically when starting an ice sculpture, you start with a large chunk of ice and you remove large pieces to start it. So something like a hand saw would be perfect for this as you could use it to make bigger cuts in the ice.


Once those are all done, you would move on to smaller cuts to add detail to your work. For that you would be using a keyhole saw which will allow you to make precision cuts or holes in the ice. Then after working with this type of saw, you will move on to other tools to help finish your work.


Ice Crafters offers the largest selection of ice sculpting equipment to make your work look the best it can. It doesn’t matter if it’s a new saw or new display equipment to show it off, we got what you need. For more information on our products, please feel free to contact us today!

Tips To Finding The Right Drip Pan For Your Ice Creations

Tips To Finding The Right Drip Pan For Your Ice Creations

When you’re crafting your icy masterpiece, it’s important to have the right materials, including tools to sculpt with, as well as the very important drip pan. There are a couple of things to keep in mind when you’re choosing the right drip pan for your project; luckily, the experts at Ice Crafters have some tips for you.


The first thing to think about is drainage: you might be surprised, but not all drip pans come with drainage already built in. Luckily, the drip pans that are available on our site do have the option of built in drainage. If you are expecting some serious dripping while your project is on display, you’ll need a built in drainage mechanism. This way, the unwanted melted water can be contained underneath the table where guests at the event won’t have to look at it.


There are also products available that are essentially buckets with tops that the sculpture can sit on top of. The holes in the top of these drip pans allow for the water to collect underneath the sculpture. This option would be great for a piece that might need a little extra height while it’s on display. These are known as centerpiece or bowl drip pans.


The final thing you should consider when you’re choosing a drip pan for your project is its size. You want the drip pan to be discrete so that it doesn’t distract the viewers from the final project. So, make sure you order the correct size drip pan for your specific project, and consider where the drainage pipe will go.


Keep these tips in mind when you’re finding the right drip pan for your project, and the finished piece will be admired and free from puddles when it’s showcased. For more information on our drip pans, or any of the products we offer, contact us today!