Four Ways to Keep Your Hot Summer Party Ice Cold

With summer in full swing, it can only mean one thing – it is going to be hot! But that shouldn’t stop you from throwing a fun summer party. There are a lot of ways to stay cool during your shindig. Here are a few suggestions.


Have Some Punch!


One surefire way to stay cool during those hot summer parties is to indulge in some refreshing party punch. There are tons of great punch selections that your guests will love. For fruity options, there is everything from a sweet summer pineapple punch to Hawaiian themed punches and even a rainbow sherbet punch. Make it in an ice bowl and really kick it up a notch.

If you are looking for more adult-themed options, the sky’s the limit with such delicious drinks as winter white sangria, champagne peach punch and piña colada punch. Whatever type of punch you decide on, make sure you get the proper tools to ensure you have a long-lasting ice bowl to keep your beverages chilled all day long.


Cool Down with an Ice Luge


If you want to cool down that punch or another favorite summer drink, enjoy it with an ice luge and turn that party on its head! An ice luge is an excellent way to create a themed drink delivery system that will be the hit of the party. It’s easy to construct, too. Simply get all the proper tools, think of a great design, and make it a summer to remember!


Ice SculptureCreate an Ice Sculpture


We love ice sculptures, and we know how they can really add something cool to the hottest summer parties! The great thing about making these sculptures is that if you have the right ice carving tools, the rest of the creation is up to your imagination. Plus, it doesn’t have to be a one-person job! Get the rest of your guests involved and have them help make the sculpture that’s entirely customized by everyone in attendance. Plus, with all those ice chunks flying around, it’s easy to keep cool!


Get a Fun Beverage Fountain


If an ice sculpture or ice bowl isn’t your thing, consider a classy beverage fountain. These fountains are another fun way of giving your cold drinks some awesome flair! Some of these fountains even come with pumps and color changing lights to add neat and unique color effects to liven up the party even more. It’s a great accessory for any summer party.

At Ice Crafters, we carry all of the supplies you need to keep the temperature down on the hottest summer days. We sell items for punch bowls, tools for ice sculptures and plenty of educational tools to walk you through everything involved. Give us a call at 630-871-0739 to learn more or place an order from our online product catalog today!

Unique Ideas For Your Ice Sculpture

Unique Ideas For Your Ice Sculpture

Every artist knows how frustrating it can be to have a creative block, especially when you have a deadline. If you are getting ready to present an ice sculpture at an event, not being able to come up with a fun and creative design can make you feel like quitting.

Are you doing a special event like a wedding or corporate event?

Create an ice bar. While they seem generic, customizing the bar to incorporate the couple or the business is a great way to take a classic idea and turn it into something unique and unforgettable. Add a touch of color and intricate designs to personalize this look.

You can also use the ice sculptures for a table centerpiece, like a salad bowl, ice cream bowl, and other foods. It’s a creative and unique way to store foods that need to be served chilled.

Here at Ice Crafters, we offer templates and design inspiration from master ice sculptors, Mitsu Shimizu, and Mac Winker. Just find the designs that best suit your skills and then you’ll be able to choose from a variety of options. Take these classic ideas and add your own special touch and style to it. You won’t run out of ideas again.

While planning your sculpture, make sure that you are following any instructions or guidelines for the event. If there was a specific request, follow it as closely as you can.



If you need tips or ideas, contact Ice Crafters today. Not only do we offer the best ice sculpting equipment on the market, we offer templates, videos and books to help you with your process.

Ice Sculpture Events Are Upcoming, Don’t Be Left Unprepared

Ice Sculpture Events Are Upcoming, Don’t Be Left Unprepared

If you participate in ice sculpture events, we don’t have to tell you that winter and ice recreation will be here soon. With that said, don’t wait until the season is here, get ahead and get your tools now. Not sure where to start?


Here are a few products that, if you don’t have, you should.


Black Heavy Weight Rubber Apron


It’s going to be chilly this winter and this heavy weight bib will protect you from the ice, cutting tools and the cold. If you don’t want the bib look, there are rubber chaps as well.


Glo-Ice Displays


Want to take your display to the next level? The light box is a white base with two fluorescent bulbs and red, blue and amber lights. It comes in square and rectangular shapes in a variety of sizes, making your display unique and bright.


Lift Cart


You no longer have to worry about transporting your display. This 20 X 12 platform can lift to 39” and 300 pounds; a safe and easy way to set up and move your ice sculpture. If you are looking for additional hardware and parts for your lift, we carry those as well.


Books, DVDs and Templates


Whether you’re a seasoned sculptor who needs inspiration or a beginner who would like some tips, we have just what you’re looking for. Different designs for a variety of experience levels, you’ll find it all.


Ice Crafters has the best and largest selection of ice sculpting equipment, offering the most up to date tools in the industry. From block machines to display equipment, you will find just what you’re looking for. If you have any questions, please contact us.

Ice Carving Secrets: Uses of Brice Nail Boards

Ice Carving Secrets: Uses of Brice Nail Boards

When you go to a lavish event and see a stunning ice sculpture, it piques your curiosity. First you’re stunned by its beauty, but then you begin to wonder how it came into creation, how long it took, and how hard the artist had to work to carve such an intricate piece of ice art.


Well, a major component is the nail boards. Just one of the tools an ice sculpture artist needs to create, it’s among the most important. In 1990, artist Steve Brice invented this nail board to create his memorable ice sculpture of a Mercedes Benz, at the World Art Championships in 1991.


The tool helped him create such a wonderful piece, that other artists looked to him for information. The success of the nail boards helped other artists create large, intricate ice sculptures that leave an impression.


The nail board is as simple as it sounds. It’s essentially just a wooden board with screws (not actually nails) drilled through it. Equipped with handles and rows of screws, the nail board is mainly used for flattening the surfaces of the sculptures and for setting the shape in the early stages of creation.


Since 1991, ice sculptures have improved greatly, and it’s all thanks to Steve Brice and his unique invention. Every talented ice sculptor uses this tool, and it shows in his or her work.


Learn more about the boards we carry back on our main page, or contact us at Ice Crafters with any questions you may have about ice sculpting and the tools we carry.

Be Prepared With The Tools to Get The Job Done!

Be Prepared With The Tools to Get The Job Done!

Ice carving is very fun to do no matter if you do as a hobby or do it for a living. It’s very important however that when you participate in it that you have the right tools to get the job done.


Everything from the clothing you wear to what power tool you use could make the difference between making a beautiful piece of work to something looks like it needs some work.


However, one of the most important tools when working with ice is the saw due to its unique types and sizes.


Get the Right Saw for The Right Job!


Typically when starting an ice sculpture, you start with a large chunk of ice and you remove large pieces to start it. So something like a hand saw would be perfect for this as you could use it to make bigger cuts in the ice.


Once those are all done, you would move on to smaller cuts to add detail to your work. For that you would be using a keyhole saw which will allow you to make precision cuts or holes in the ice. Then after working with this type of saw, you will move on to other tools to help finish your work.


Ice Crafters offers the largest selection of ice sculpting equipment to make your work look the best it can. It doesn’t matter if it’s a new saw or new display equipment to show it off, we got what you need. For more information on our products, please feel free to contact us today!

Creating Ice Jackets For Your Graduation Party

Creating Ice Jackets For Your Graduation Party

The spring and summer months are full of graduation parties, most of which are going to take place out on the back yard, with burgers and hot dogs and potato salad. And who doesn’t love that kind of backyard party? But this season, why not shake things up and really wow your guests with custom ice jackets that are sure to make an impression on the drink table!


Ice jackets are like ice molds, which are made to create freezing water around a bottle. We like to make ice molds for liquors, but you can do it for any kind of drink you’re serving. They’re easy to do for any occasion.


Not only do these cool ice jackets keep your drinks and booze at a cold temperature, they look awesome. You won’t have to worry too much about constantly attending the ice bucket, refreshing it with more ice that has melted. Instead of worrying if the Pinot Grigio is the perfect drinking temperature and refilling ice buckets and wine glasses with ice, let an ice jacket do all the heavy lifting for you!


So you’re planning a graduation party for this summer—let us at Ice Crafters help to make it awesome! In the spring and summer months, it can be hard to throw a really memorable party since everyone is graduating. With custom ice jackets made just for you, though, your party will definitely have that extra something that will impress your guests, keeping those drinks nice and cool.

The Importance of Having New Bits For Your Ice Sculptures

The Importance of Having New Bits For Your Ice Sculptures

Ice sculptures are the ultimate type of art: imaginative, creative, original, and tough to replicate. But, if you love ice sculptures, you’ll want to have all of the info you need to start a successful ice sculpture career. Whether you’re thinking about going pro, or you’re just an admirer getting involved with ice art as a hobby, there are plenty of tips here to help you get started.


First thing’s first: get to know the tools you’ll need if you’re going to successfully create an ice sculpture.


What you need to know about ice sculpting tools is that each drill bit will create a different shape in your sculpture.The Importance of Having New Bits For Your Ice Sculptures


For example, bubble bits are bits that are shaped like a concave half-moon. These bits are great for making textured shapes in the ice.


Cylinder burr bits, on the other hand, are good for trimming the edges of the ice. Make sure you have a number of differently shaped bits in your arsenal. That way, no matter when or how creativity and ingenuity strikes, you’ll be prepared with the exact shape you need.


The most important tip we can give you is to remember to replace your bits frequently. Dull bits will not only potentially cause issues with your drill, but they’ll be less than effective when it comes to your art. Ice sculpting is a very precise, delicate art, and bits that are less than sharp will perform poorly. Bits that are shaped and pointed at the end, like bubble bits, for example, won’t work properly if the bit is dull.


Luckily at Ice Crafters our site has suggestions and descriptions for all the bits you could possibly need, along with some buying options. As long as you prepare yourself, and keep your bits sharp, you’ll be sculpting like a pro in no time. For more information about bits or any of the products we offer, contact us today!

The Most Common Types of Ice Used for Sculptors

The Most Common Types of Ice Used for Sculptors

There are typically three types of ice used in ice sculpting. Can ice, is the old school block of ice that’s most likely used to carve an exquisite sculpture for.


They make Can Ice in sizes as large as 55” and most commonly 46”. Each ice used in ice sculpting has different advantages and disadvantages to their use. With Can Ice you are able to pull can ice out of a freezer and you’re instantly ready to carve. The tempering process for a can block is significantly shorter than that of other ice blocks and they are much less temperamental because of the core in the center of the ice.


Clear ice is typically referred to as Clinebell after the company that created the process to make crystal clear blocks of ice. Clinebell is very common and often times come out beautiful and clean. While they definitely offer a more consistent product, the process is much more time consuming to make this clear ice and not as easy to mass-produce it.The Most Common Types of Ice Used for Sculptors


Finally, there is natural ice, this ice comes from a man-made pond free from algae and bubbles so there is no cracking. This also comes in a variety of sizes and one of its biggest advantages is that it’s beautiful and blue.


Whatever type of ice you may be utilizing each has distinct advantages and disadvantages just as Ice Crafters has exactly the tools you need to ensure your masterpiece is created. We are devoted to offering the best and largest selection of ice sculpting equipment in the world.


Since 1990, Ice Crafters has been the go to manufacturer ensuring that no matter what type of ice you’re utilizing, no matter what type of design you’re going with, we have the tools and expertise to make sure your piece of art looks incredible. For more information, contact us today!


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Featured Products – 20 Inch Trim Saw

Featured Products - 20 Inch Trim Saw

Perhaps you’re a professional ice carver who’s been in the game for years, or maybe you’re just starting out a new artistic venture. Whatever the reason is that you are interested in ice carving, Ice Crafters is devoted to offering the greatest selection of ice sculpting equipment in the world.


By buying this trim saw your life just became more efficient. Ice Crafters 20 Inch Trim Saw is made from only the highest quality materials and can cut through ice like a warm knife through butter, making the art of cutting ice perfection.


Whether you’re a professional sculpture or you’re learning the basics to ice carving, everyone would benefit from the helping hand of Ice Crafters trim saw. Never again do you have to play around with trial and error to craft the right size ice block. Don’t carve ice without one!


The Trim Saw boasts a convertible back wall that adjusts to cutting depths and for trimming ice blocks down to 20 inches.


The electric powered trim saw cuts ice cleanly to help you achieve the desire ice block sizes for artistic design. Once you’ve used the 20 Inch Trim Saw, you would never go back to your old fashioned way of cutting ice blocks.


With Ice Crafters you are receiving only the highest quality equipment and tools for ice carvers. Ice Crafters has been in the ice sculpture and ice sculpting equipment business for over 20 years. Our deeply rooted passion for ice sculpting combined with our close work with professional sculptures help us continuously offer customers the most cutting edge tools in the industry. Contact us today!

Display Every Angle of Your Work

Display Every Angle of Your Work

If you are an Ice Sculptor, you know how much effort and detail goes in to your work. So when it comes time to show it off, you want people to be able to appreciate every scrape and cut you have made.


That’s why a rotating display is ideal for your finished ice sculpture. As it rotates around, everyone will be able to view the intricacies of whatever you may have sculpted. No matter if it is facing them, turned to its side or backwards, your work will be taken for what it is, allowing on lookers to view it in all its glory.


The displays will be stable to, most come with pegs to help keep everything in place so your sculpture won’t slip or slide if it begins to melt while being viewed. If the statue does start to melt there’s no need to worry as many have a built in drain to catch any run off water, leaving you with no mess in the end. Not only that, but it can also be used during the sculpting process as well. Display Every Angle of Your Work


Who knows, you may be working in a confined area so being able to rotate the ice without damaging its integrity is a good option to have.


Ice Crafters has the best and largest selection of ice sculpting equipment in the world. We offer everything from electric tools to rotating displays. If you have any questions or would like to know more about any of our products, contact us today!



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