Keep Your Display In Top Shape

Keep Your Display In Top Shape

Creating an ice sculpture takes a lot of time and hard work so it’s only natural to want to show it off once it’s done. To give your work of art its “do” you would want to place it on a display specifically for ice sculptures.


Yet, like everything else, these displays don’t last forever. This means that sometimes parts need to be replaced and items need to be purchased to keep your display at its optimum level.


That’s why it is important to be aware of what hardware you may need to maintain a professional display.


Make The Ultimate Display


It isn’t uncommon that displays need to be plugged in. Whether it is for lighting the sculpture or rotating it, ensure it doesn’t lose power. It would be smart to invest in an overload protector for the plug.


Another common issue is that every machine has screws that become worn, stripped or loose after a great deal of use. That’s why it is important to have replacement screws on hand to make sure when they need to be changed, your display won’t break apart at the wrong time and ruin your sculpture.


It would also be smart to purchase extra replacement hardware for plastic trays like nuts and washers to keep parts from shifting or being damaged.


Ice Crafters has a wide variety of replacement parts and items that will help keep your ice sculpture display look professional. Hardware can break; when they need replacement make sure you get the right parts to keep your work on display.


For more information on our wide selection of ice sculpting equipment, contact us today!

Get An Ice Crafting Lathe Machine For Your Works

Get An Ice Crafting Lathe Machine For Your Works

Now when many sculptors get hired to create a work out of ice they typically just make that one piece and they are done. Yet, sometimes the job asks for the big piece to come with smaller accompanying pieces.


This can prove to be quite difficult for sculptors who have difficulty making the smaller items due to the precision of the cuts required to make them. When that occurs, a lathe can help make those items a reality.


Let The Lathe Handle It


This lathe machine is capable of creating smaller works of ice such as ice pillars to table centerpieces in minutes. It can make the exact cuts needed to make it look like it needs to.


To utilize the lathe and make a work of ice, first you need to get a piece of ice to create the item.


Then from there, put the design instructions into the machine so it can make the correct cuts.


Once that operation is set and the cuts have been made, your ice creation is all set and ready for display.


What’s also great about this lathe machine is that it can allow you to mass produce these creations as well. So if you are contracted to create a large collection of ice sculptures or works, you can rely on the lathe to help you get it done.


Ice Crafters has a variety or ice sculpting tools including a lathe when you need to make smaller sculptures. Next time don’t sweat the small stuff and create beautiful works with your own lathe. If you would like more information on the products we offer, please contact us today!

Get The Tools To Get Your Best Sculpture

Get The Tools To Get Your Best Sculpture

Now if you currently are an ice sculptor, you know that there are a core group of tools you use to do your work like the chainsaw and the pick.


However, sometimes you find yourself going to make a cut that may not be able to make or your tools aren’t right for.


So to avoid getting stuck between ice and a hard place, it’s a good idea to have a variety of picks and tools so you can get the job done.


“Pick” From These Tools


Now if you’re looking to get rid of some ice but you don’t see the need in making a huge cut, then you could try using a 6-prong chipper to move some of the ice off. That way you are only removing a little bit instead of risking removing more than you need to with a bigger tool.


If you find yourself looking to make a cut but you want it to be smooth, this precise Ice Crafters ice pick would be perfect.


With this pick you can shave off a little bit of ice at a time without making a dent or uneven cut on your work.


Another great tool to have is a set of tongs as these have the strength to help you move large pieces of ice without breaking them, keeping your work intact.


Ice Crafters has a wide variety of ice sculpting picks for sale to help you create your next ice masterpiece. Don’t let your tools restrict what your work could become, get the right tools from us. For more information on our products, please feel free to contact us today!