Tips To Finding The Right Drip Pan For Your Ice Creations

Tips To Finding The Right Drip Pan For Your Ice Creations

When you’re crafting your icy masterpiece, it’s important to have the right materials, including tools to sculpt with, as well as the very important drip pan. There are a couple of things to keep in mind when you’re choosing the right drip pan for your project; luckily, the experts at Ice Crafters have some tips for you.


The first thing to think about is drainage: you might be surprised, but not all drip pans come with drainage already built in. Luckily, the drip pans that are available on our site do have the option of built in drainage. If you are expecting some serious dripping while your project is on display, you’ll need a built in drainage mechanism. This way, the unwanted melted water can be contained underneath the table where guests at the event won’t have to look at it.


There are also products available that are essentially buckets with tops that the sculpture can sit on top of. The holes in the top of these drip pans allow for the water to collect underneath the sculpture. This option would be great for a piece that might need a little extra height while it’s on display. These are known as centerpiece or bowl drip pans.


The final thing you should consider when you’re choosing a drip pan for your project is its size. You want the drip pan to be discrete so that it doesn’t distract the viewers from the final project. So, make sure you order the correct size drip pan for your specific project, and consider where the drainage pipe will go.


Keep these tips in mind when you’re finding the right drip pan for your project, and the finished piece will be admired and free from puddles when it’s showcased. For more information on our drip pans, or any of the products we offer, contact us today!

For Superb Ice Carving Creations Utilize The Freeze & Magic Ink

For Superb Ice Carving Creations Utilize The Freeze & Magic Ink

Standing before them monolithically is a block of solid ice, a block of solid ice just like those slabs of granite of Michelangelo’s David before he began to chisel and form his creation. Those that use ice as a medium are masters of manipulation and if they are not masters then they will have to become masters because as hard as ice is, as tight as the molecules are packed, ice is still a medium that can break and splinter.


If there was ever a tool that was needed in the ice sculptor’s inventory it is the Freeze.


This can of Freeze is capable of what super glue is capable of for the rest of the world! Freeze produces a chilling blast that instantly helps reconnect broken pieces and shards of ice to one another so that the Atlas struggle of starting from the beginning becomes a struggle of the past.


While Freeze is one of the most important new tools in the arsenal of ice carvers from all walks of life there is another tool that should be one of the primary finishing tools for every piece-the Magic Ink tool.


This Magic Ink tool help to create another layer of depth to give each creation so that the sculpture goes from a piece of great art to a piece of magnificent art by simply adding a red color to the sculpture that will stay with the sculpture until the piece is finished.


Ice Crafters is devoted to offering the best and largest selection of ice sculpting equipment in the world. For more information about Freeze, Magic Ink, or any of the products we offer, contact us today!